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SPS 150

SPS 150

Automatic cutting and punching of profiles in L for the construction of electricity pylons.

Automatic model consisting of:

• Rollers carrying the input material, with motors for loading.
• Positioning unit for feeding in the material.
• Single punching for the horizontal and vertical flange, 60t capacity
• Cutting unit.
• Hydraulic unit.
• Fagor 80-70 with Interface control unit.
• Module for pre-viewing pieces and generating programs.

Working procedure:

• Generate the program.
• Prepare the machine, punches, etc.
• Load the material to be punched and cut.
• Start the program in the automatic cycle


• Automatic loading unit with material storage.
• Automatic unloading unit, with piece categoriser.
• Software LinePro for processing DSTV and DXF files, importing pieces,
nesting, calculating the    least wastage of material, generating manufacturing
sheets, etc.

SPS 150 CAPACITIES in mm.s
Maximum L 150 x 150 x15 mm.
Minimum L 35 x 35 x 4 mm.
Punching power 60 t
Maximum diameter 31 mm
Maximum thickness 15 mm.
Shearing power 187 t.
SPS 150 CAPACITIES in inches
Maximum L 6" x 6"x 5/8"
Minimum L 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" x 3/16"
Punching power 67 US tons.
Maximum diameter 1 1/4"
Maximum thickness 5/8"
Shearing power 200 US tons.



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