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Special Applications  

GEKA can and has provided many customers with specialapplication machines to suit their needs. These special applications can work with you Ironworker, Punching Machine and/or Automated Lines.

A few examples of customer needs and solutions are listed below. If you have a requirement and it’s related to work on an Ironworker, you have to call us. We’ll work with you to meet your needs.

Customer Need # 1
A manufacturer of blades for snowploughs came to GEKA to see how they could improve their manufacturing process.

GEKA Solution # 1
The customer was made a specialty built HYDRACROP Series machine and fitted with an ALRS System (Automatically feeding of flat bars) and with the PAX (Automatic positioning of X-axis)
(Click here to see this machine)

This solution allowed the customer to automatically feed and cut the blades to length and then semi-automatically punch holes in the blades as programmed.

Customer Need # 2
A customer who works with Unistrut ® was looking for a fast way to cut Unistrut ® to length without the typical burrs obtained from sawing.

GEKA Solution # 2
The customer was supplied special blade for use in their HYDRACROP Series Ironworker designed to cut Unistrut ® in two different sizes.

This solution greatly increased the customer’s process and saved a secondary operation.

GEKA Hydracrop 55S

Customer Need # 3
A manufacture of material handling goods needed to punch a row of holes down a length of square new tubing. They asked GEKA to see how they could help.

GEKA Solution # 3
The customer was built a new Tube Punching Attachment for their HYDRACROP Series Ironworker.
(Click here to see this machine)

This solution allowed the customer to punch square or rectangular tubing as required. This solution is now a standard accessory for GEKA Hydracrop Series Ironworkers.

These are just a few of the typical needs and solutions that GEKA provided to our customers. We would be happy to work with you on any specific need you have. To find out more give us a call.


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