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PAXY 1000/1500/2000

PAXY 1000/1500/2000PAXY 1000/1500/2000

Compact positioning unit, fully automatic on X and Y for punching and marking out sheet metal.

The unit consists of:

• Punching machine with automatic hydraulic extractor stop, marking and drilling unit (optionals).
• Double action feed and positioning table for the sheet metal
• FAGOR 102S control equipment or control GekaPro_PC windows based.
• A set of independent servomotor drives on each axis, encoder pick-up.
• Automatic hydraulic extractor stop.

Working procedure:

• The process is programmed in the Fagor 102S control or control GekaPro_PC windows based..
• The material is placed on the feed table abutting the clamps and positioning stop.
• The material is held by hydraulic clamps.
• The sheet metal is punched marked out and drilled (optional) with fully automatic positioning on the X axis and Y axis.

Working equipment:

• Working equipment GekaPro_PC (available in PAXY with drilling unit).
• Punching, marking and drilling (optional)


• Triple punching
• Software: GekaPro
• Drilling optional
• Marking unit (optional)


FEATURES in mm.s
Max. lenght of sheet "X" axe
Max. leght of sheet "Y" axe
Thikness of metal plate
2-25 mm.
Max. traverse speed per axis
24 m/min.
Max. combined traverse speed
34 m/min.
Positioning tolerance
+/-0,20 mm.
0,1 mm.
FEATURES in inches
Max. lenght of sheet "X" axe
Max. leght of sheet "Y" axe
Thickness of metal plate
Max. traverse speed per axis
0"-945" per minute
Max. combined traverse speed
0"-945" per minute
Positioning tolerance
+/- 0,20 mm.
+- 0,1 mm.

* This can be mounted on any new PUMA at the factory.


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