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GekaPro Software
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LinePro Software

Depending of the machine and your application GEKA has various choices for software for CNC machines and optional accessories. Below is a brief overview for you.


The industry proven Fagor 102S is the standard CNC control on machines where simply applications or where programming is not complex. Typically installed on ALRS and SEMI-PAXY, PAX, and PAXY.


Is an economical PC based program that is usually installed on a remote PC in the shop or in the office. Easily program off-line and then bring the program to the machine(s) via floppy, etc. A great add-on option to the standard Fagor 102S control, perfect for SEMI-PAXY.

GekaPro – PC

This software is a fantastic alternative option to the Fagor 102S control on SEMI-PAXY. This package includes a built-in Touch Screen PC based control mounted is a cabinet. Simply icon shapes effortlessly guide operators through programming. Being PC based you can create customer files, save jobs, copy or modify jobs, etc, etc. Machine diagnostics, tool libraries and self-calibration are just some of the great features included.

Most of the SEMI-PAXY we sell now is sold with GekaPro – PC software! This straightforwardly ease of GekaPro - PC makes it the logical choice.

Line Pro

This software is for our Automated Steel Processing Lines - ALPS 150, SPS 150 and ALFA 500. LinePro software is modified for each different model of machine.

The LinePro program can work with the pieces saved in the data base, and enables designs of parts in DXF or DSTV format to be imported, in order to program the manufacture of one, or several pieces in one, or several, profiles by applying a process known as nesting (nesting is for optimizing the smallest amount of wasted material).

LinePro facilitates the generation of the CNC code, production reports, manufacture and wastage of raw materials for improved management and productivity.


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